It really is good to talk

Talking about issues that are troubling you is the first step to making a positive change to your overall well being.

I’m completely open and non-judgemental, so together we can understand how you feel, how you think, how you behave, how you rationalise decisions or how you cope with loss.

Together, we can put your life back on track

I’m here to help you.

I’m Marie. I’m an experienced and qualified counsellor working in Eastbourne.

My goal is to help provide a safe and comfortable space for you to address your issues and bring meaningful, positive changes to your life. 

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Confidential & private
Qualified & experienced
Focussed & helpful

I will work on a personalised plan to help you resolve your concerns and bring your life back into balance. This will help you to feel better about yourself and your loved ones.

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Counselling Services

I help clients with a wide variety of issues they have or things that are concerning them. People often contact me about the below issues;

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Stress & Mood

  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Anger Management
  • Phobias
  • Panic Attack’s
  • Depression
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Inner critic / Imposter syndrome
  • Compassionate Mind Training
  • Creative Visualisation

Positive Psychology

  • Creative Blockage
  • Procrastination
  • Self-Care
  • Trauma reactions
  • Addiction (of any type)
  • Anxiety, stress, compulsive worrying
  • Bullying (home, workplace)


  • Disability
  • Ill-health
  • Existential issues
  • Identity issues
  • Loss & Family
  • Bereavement

Couples Therapy

  • Psychosexual Difficulties
  • Current relationship issues 
  • Past relationship issues


How it works

I start working with every new client with a 1 hour consultation to understand their issues and agree a personal therapy plan. 

I charge £45 per hour for individual counseling, and £55 per hour for couples therapy

I work in Eastbourne and the surrounding area. I can arrange a convenient time and place, in a comfortable private setting to let us have an open chat in complete freedom.

I have worked with people for over 40 years in many settings and have the following qualifications:


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counsellor
  • Supervision
  • BA (Hons) Social Science
  • Msc. CQSW. Social Work
  • Member BACP – British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Join my many satisfied clients

who overcame their issues

I strive to do the best to help my clients, but don't just take it from me. Please read a few testimonials from previous clients, both private and corporate, who I've helped overcome their issues and reclaim the best that life has to offer.  

"Marie helped me so much"

I had counselling with Marie for years and can highly recommend her.

She is very patient, wise and a very good listener.

She helped me so much.

"the progression i made was amazing"

I was seen by Marie and was instantly put at ease. She was brilliant. Really welcoming and helpful. After a few sessions, the progression I made was amazing.

I would definitely recommend Marie if you're looking for a counsellor. I can't praise her caring approach enough.

Thank you

"instantly put me at ease"

I can’t recommend Marie highly enough for her sensitivity and compassion. She is a great listener and instantly put me at ease.

I’d like to thank Marie for her amazing support over a very difficult time in my life.