About me

Marie Feltham

  • Post Graduate Dip in Counselling
  • Post Graduate Dip in Counsellor Supervision
  • BA (Hons) Social Science
  • Msc. CQSW. Social Work
  • Member. BACP

Experienced & Qualified

I have been a counsellor for a long time and  want to help people so confident that I can help you. With so much experience backed by meaningful qualifications and the ability to tune into your specific psychological needs mean that I feel can help most people make a breakthrough.

 Why Me?

Everyone has different needs or concerns that get in the way of their happiness and enjoyment of life. Having the right counsellor to meet those needs is  important. Life can be confusing, and so can looking for expert advice.

This is why I start with a discovery session to help you check that you feel comfortable working with me and that we are able to relate well. I find this gives the best outcomes for everyone.

Whatever you bring you to me, I will endeavour to create a warm, creative, supportive partnership with you based on trust, openness and mutual respect. Research indicates that it is this successful collaboration, above all else, which has the power to bring you healing, hope and happiness.


Join my many satisfied clients

who overcame their issues

I strive to do the best to help my clients, but don't just take it from me. Please read a few testimonials from previous clients, both private and corporate, who I've helped overcome their issues and reclaim the best that life has to offer.  

"Marie helped me so much"

I had counselling with Marie for years and can highly recommend her.

She is very patient, wise and a very good listener.

She helped me so much.

"the progression i made was amazing"

I was seen by Marie and was instantly put at ease. She was brilliant. Really welcoming and helpful. After a few sessions, the progression I made was amazing.

I would definitely recommend Marie if you're looking for a counsellor. I can't praise her caring approach enough.

Thank you

"instantly put me at ease"

I can’t recommend Marie highly enough for her sensitivity and compassion. She is a great listener and instantly put me at ease.

I’d like to thank Marie for her amazing support over a very difficult time in my life.

My Training

I have trained and worked in several major models of counselling and psychotherapy, person centred counselling, cognitive behavioural techniques, psychoanalytic insights, couple work, human givens approaches to trauma reactions, loss, stress and post traumatic stress disorder and many more.

A skilled counsellor will have integrated their training, knowledge and experience in such a way that they can be flexible and open enough to help you in your specific circumstances, and to design an approach that will be most relevant to you and your needs.

My Experience

I have worked extensively with stress management, both individual and organisational. I can help with anxiety management, trauma reactions, PTSD, phobias and OCD.

I have developed and managed counselling services, stress management programmes and critical incident response strategies in the NHS and higher education sectors. I have looked after staff at every level of these organisations and I am familiar with the unique challenges of these working environments.

I can advise on workplace wellbeing and occupational health strategies. I have also worked with people in the criminal justice system and am familiar with the problems of self-defeating behaviour and complex difficulties.

My Outlook

Many people come to counselling seeking help with relationship issues, both at home and at work. Divorce and separation are part of the whole spectrum of loss and change with which I have assisted many people and also bereavement, ill health and all types of complex grief. Some people find they develop a variety of addictions or self-harm as a way of coping with life’s stresses and I am experienced in helping them to resolve these issues in a more positive and healthy manner.

I have found that a predominant feature in human suffering concerns our relationship with ourselves and how we look after and motivate ourselves. It is a very human vulnerability to let our ‘inner critic’ become over-harsh. This is often employed as a defence mechanism, but can increase the suffering for us at a time when we really need to be supporting and nurturing our inner self.

I have helped many people to transform this most significant of all our relationships. This unique and complex human challenge is not addressed in our education systems as we are growing up. Many people have found that developing a kinder relationship with themselves has transformed both their inner and outer worlds. The technical name for this endeavour is Compassionate Mind Training. It is also associated with mindfulness, relaxation techniques and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I use many skills and strategies to help you transform this vital part of your existence.