Counselling & Therapy

It takes a lot of courage to seek counselling or therapy, but it's the first step to a happier life

How can counselling help you?

There is a vast spectrum of issues, any of which can seem impossible to manage. Sometimes, people just need support to confirm what they already know. Others need help to see their situation more clearly, or guidence to cope with emotional issues which prevent them from leading happy and effective lives.

A counsellor can help by being an objective listener and by sharing their experience and knowledge with you. We use many strategies and techniques which can help you move forward.

“You have no idea of the tremendous release and deep peace that comes from meeting yourself and others totally without judgement”

How to choose a counsellor

Research has proved effective counselling works best when the relationship is based on mutual trust, respect and rapport. It is therefore worth some research to find an experienced, well qualified counsellor.

I know I meet that description and would be very happy to help with whatever is troubling you. Please read more about me and see the testimonials from clients I have helped, I hope the next person I help is you. 

“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word

would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness”
Carl Jung

What can I expect when we first meet?

In this meeting I would aim for us to formulate a clear outline plan of the way forward. To achieve this, an explanation of your situation will help me make the best use of your free time. For that reason you might like to prepare a few headline notes before we meet.

Being compatible and comfortable with each other is essential. I normally suggest a 60 minute initial session. After this first meeting, you may then decide whether to continue and how frequently.

“Fear is not of the present but only of past and future which do not exist”

“The major way to conquer fear is to make a decision”

A course in Miracles


More about my technique

Life can sometimes be very difficult for human beings. We all arrive in the world with a unique set of resources and challenges. As our lives proceed and develop we may be faced with changes or difficulties which threaten to overwhelm us, or we may struggle with our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, other people, or the world as we perceive it.
Occasionally we feel as though we have lost our way and we may feel anxious and hopeless about our future.

Spending time with a counsellor who is well-suited to you provides a valuable opportunity to step back and regain a fresh perspective on your situation. This should enable you to move forward in your life, relationships or work in a more effective and hopeful way. As a counsellor I am trained and experienced in not only being a compassionate listener, but also an active listener. I will share my thoughts and reactions with you as our sessions develop, in what I believe must be a collaborative, open and trusting partnership. This differs from friendship.

Many people come to counselling looking for expertise to assist them in their endeavours and dilemmas. This is a reasonable expectation. But by this time, confidence in themselves or others has sometimes been lost, so I believe it is very important for your counsellor to remind you of your own existing strengths and resources.

To use a metaphor, I would say that I am an experienced life guide and I have read many maps and travelled all kinds of paths alongside my clients. I will help you find your way. But I will also encourage you to use your equally valuable experience and your own unique inner compass, so that when our work is finished you are confident to go on into your future with confidence and independence. It takes a lot of courage to ask another person for help and it is my job to honour this step that you have taken by providing you with a setting which feels safe and empowering.