Q. What will happen in my first session?
A. I am trained to listen, without judgement. You can be completely open with me.

By the end of your first session we will know a little more about each other, have started to understand the issues troubling you, and we will have collaborated on a personalised plan that is right and comfortable for you. Together we can start to overcome anything, and establish a friendly and confidential working relationship.

Our first session is the start of a journey to a happier life for you and your close ones.

Q. How many sessions will I need?
A. I am trained to help you in a time efficient way. Some people like a little more time than others. We can discuss this in your first session. I usually work to an initial contract of four to six sessions to be reviewed towards the end of this time. Some people need less. Others more.
Q. Is Counselling confidential?
A Yes. It is a requirement of my professional association that I protect your confidentiality. There are a few exceptions to this rule which we will discuss when we meet and outlined clearly in the literature I will give you if we start work together.
Q. Will my counsellor offer advice or tell me what to do?
A. Counsellors are trained to protect your autonomy and control. I will help you to find your own solutions. If you wish I am happy to discuss with you my knowledge and experience of what works for others, including current research and best practice.
Q. How does a counsellor remain neutral when working with couples?
A. I am trained to remain objective. I view a couples relationship as both a dynamic process and an act of creation. They each have mutual responsibilities to nurture and protect each other and each other’s needs. When this endeavour comes out of balance I will help you both to look at this system and to find ways to re balance it in an approach which will help you both to feel more happy and fulfilled.
Q. I think I may be stressed rather than anxious. What is the difference and how can you help me?
A. Stress and anxiety are closely linked. When our mind/body system is under too much pressure we become fearful. In other words, anxious. This is our internal guidance system going into overdrive. It feels very unpleasant and we may not be able to relax or think objectively. Life may become less enjoyable and you may about worry what is happening to you.
A skilled counsellor can help you to bring you mind/ body system back into balance.
Your anxiety will then become lower and you will be able to make decisions and feel confident again
Q. What is the difference between depression and anxiety?
A. Again these two states are linked.An overload of anxiety over a significant period of time will temporarily exhaust our mind / body system, probably affect our sleep and lower our morale. Our thinking will become less efficient and we will feel depressed.
A counsellor can help you break out of this cycle.

If you have any further questions, just drop me a message and I’ll happily let you know. If you have any particular requirements or ideas on how to work through your issues then lets work on a great plan together.